Camping Regulations

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER 60 DAYS FROM REGISTRATION DATE OR WITHIN 30 DAYS OF EVENT START DATE, whichever comes first. In the event you should need to cancel your registration, you will receive a full refund in the manner in which you paid, provided your cancellation falls within the stated timeframe.

Occupancy: Maximum occupancy for each site is 6 persons (excluding Souled out village-10 persons).

In order to check in, you must know the name the site was registered under. All camping areas will begin checking in on Friday at 8:00 a.m.
**Do NOT arrive Thursday evening.

Check -out:
All camping areas close at the following times:
Sunday at noon

If you check in and set up camp prior to the festival opening at 4 pm on Friday, we strongly encourage you to stay in the campground area. Thursday & Friday morning are very busy times for setting up the festival.

Cabins are rented for your own family, church, or group, NOT on an individual bed basis.

Water/Electric Sites:
We urge you to bring along an extension cord to ensure you can reach the outlet boxes intended for your site. Water spigot locations will be close to the campsite. We ask you to come to the festival with full tanks of water and not wait to fill up at the festival. This will conserve the water we have in the tank truck at the festival. If you need to refill, please hook up and fill your tanks, then unhook for others to use. Please do not stay connected to the water supply.

Septic Disposal:
No dumping of sewage or gray water is allowed.

All vehicles must be removed from the campground areas after set up and parked in general parking. (except for Premier spots which are allowed to park behind their site) Please do not drive through the campground once you have parked your vehicle, safety is of the utmost importance.

Upon camping check in, you will receive a camping parking permit in your packet. Camping permits must be visible and placed in your RV or vehicle.

Fire Pits/Grills:
Public fire pits and personal grills may be used in the campgrounds for campfires depending on the festival weather conditions. No campfires on open ground-no exceptions. We will provide burn barrels to dump coals or ashes. Do not dispose of these items in the dumpsters. Community fire pits are not to be moved! No camping within 25 ft from each fire pit.

Banned Items:
No alcohol, illegal drugs or fireworks are allowed. Cigarette smoking is allowed in designated areas.

Space for awning use is not guaranteed; however, the sites will accommodate most slides.

Showers will be available for campers only. The location will be marked on the map provided to you at check in. Hours will be posted and available at check in. Please be courteous and limit your time to allow others access to showers.

Pets are allowed in the campground only on a leash. Please be courteous to your fellow campers and clean up after them. NO PETS ALLOWED on festival grounds by main stage.

Please keep all personal food items and coolers at your campsite. Per our agreement with the food vendors, these items will NOT be allowed at any other areas of the festival grounds.

Quiet Hours:
We ask you to be courteous to all and adhere to quiet hours from Midnight-7:00 a.m. Please understand THERE ARE NO GUARANTEED QUIET AREAS ON-SITE FOR CAMPERS. This is a festival atmosphere with many youth attending and camping.

Activity Bracelets
Activity bracelets are required to participate in the following activities: Swimming pool, waterslide, paddle boats, canoes and fishing pond. (must bring own equipment for fishing pond-catch & release only) Bracelets are non-transferable and are good for both Friday & Saturday. Certain amount of bracelets are included in different sites. Additional bracelets can be purchased for $10 at volunteer check-in or camping check-in upon arrival. Activities are open: Friday & Saturday 10 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.